Welcome to DSL MEDIAS


How can I find Course Schedule ?
visit newsreading.in/timings.html

How can i register for Course?
Pls visit our office directly or contact through mobile number.

Do I need to bring anything to my class?
You should bring paper and a pen for note-taking.

Can u guarantee me a News Reading Job at the end of the course ?
DSL MEDIAS does not offer any placement assurance. We are giving only quality of education and career guidance…..

What is the salary of a Tamil News Readers?
The average(approx.) salary of a Tamil News Reader depends on his/her experience and is 20,000–25,000 per month at first and increases with experience.

What is the dress code of news anchors?

Normally that will depend on the network. Most news anchors have a business professional dress code
How can I become a T.V News Reader ?
Fine but for that you need to work on some basics which are very important to pursue the career in Tamil News Reader. News Reader needs Spontaneous & amusingly clever in perception and expression, Knowledge of Current Affairs, Unique Presentation style & Camera Friendly Face. Well that’s not enough, If you really want to achieve your dream then you also need Patience & dedication to be the part of this Industry because always remember,

What are the qualification for perfect news reader?
Good language Skills and Communication
I want to become a News Reader / Presenter. Which Institute offers the Course ?
Dsl Medias Offers training to become a News Readers /presenter in Chennai. After completion of course, students are offered placement assistance. pls visit our website www.newsreading.in